birkengold pure xylitol

Birkengold Xylitol

Birkengold GmbH

… was founded in 2011 and is owner-managed.

… is the xylitol market leader in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

… delivers private label products to many countries in the European Union.

… has a unique, broad range of food and dental care products with Xylitol

… is a young team, including two nutritionists

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Xylitol conventional quality

100% pure Xylitol from finnish birch bark

Xylitol organic quality

100% pure organic Xylitol made from corn

Products sweetened with Xylitol

  • All ingredients if available are used in organic quality
  • Only sweetened with xylitol
  • No added sugar
  • 100% vegan
  • No palm oil used
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