Origin Xylitol

Origin and Quality of Birkengold® Xylitol / Birch Sugar

Birch Sugar is traditionally made from birch and beech bark. Until October 2017 we could only offer conventional high quality xylitol made from European birch and beech trees. Since then we also offer ORGANIC Xylitol made from corn.

Production of Birkengold® Xylitol out of Birch and Beech Bark

In order to offer you the best quality possible we obtain our birch sugar form a producer who is currently the only one to use exclusively European birch and beech bark in his production. The bark used for manufacturing our birch sugar stems from Austrian and Finnish deciduous trees from sustainable forestry. The bark is a by-product of the wood industry, which means that no trees are being cut for the production of Birkengold® Xylitol. Xylitol is made from the by-product wood sugar (xylose), thus the trees are used 100%. The production of our Birkengold® Xylitol takes place in Finland and Austria. Therefore we can guarantee you a genetically unmodified, European xylitol of highest quality.

Production of Organic Xylitol from Maize

The Cobs of the organic maize (which of course are GMO-free) are being chopped and split by adding citric acid. In a natural fermentation process the so obtained wood sugar (xylose) is being transformed into Organic Xylitol. Afterwards the Organic Xylitol is ground as fine as needed. The entire manufacturing process of both our Organic Xylitol and our conventional Xylitol is GMO-free.

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