Birkengold Team

Our values

For the love of life

Birkengold® dietary and dental care products for more enjoyment and vitality in your life. Love life, take care of your health and enjoy it all with a clear conscience. Birkengold® products offer proven health benefits for you, your family and friends and at the same time positively support nature and the environment. The high-quality selection of natural foods and dental care products focuses on well-being, satisfaction and enjoying life. Founded by a group of conscious individuals with respect for people and nature, all Birkengold® products are developed with a lot of heart and love for life. No added sugars or artificial ingredients, 100 % vegan and sustainably packaged. For the love of life. This is Birkengold®.

Health and well-being are the focus of Birkengold® product development.
For us, sustainability is more than just a trend. Because we care about the environment.
Birkengold® wants to improve the
quality of life, for everyone.

Love health and nutrition

Health and well-being are the focus of Birkengold® product development. The Birkengold® team produces innovative products of the highest quality that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. The members, including two dedicated nutritionists, ensure the range of products are guaranteed 100 % vegan, with no added sugars and are GMO-free. Birkengold® Xylitol is also available in certified organic quality and Birkengold® Xylitol Candies have been awarded the “Tooth-friendly quality mark“.

– For an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle and more vitality
– Xylitol is naturally sugar-free, has 40 % fewer calories than sugar and has a minimal effect on blood sugar levels
– Studies have proven that xylitol can have a positive effect on dental health

Love nature, the environment and sustainability

Birkengold® cares for the environment, that’s why ALL Birkengold® products are produced naturally without any added preservatives. Special attention is paid to all aspects of the production chain, from raw material sourcing to packaging and distribution. Constantly reviewing processes enables the team to ensure they are utilising the latest innovation, that is how Birkengold® Chewing Gum was developed petroleum and plasticfree. Many Birkengold® products are also available in environmentally friendly refill packs and available in ‘Zero Waste’ stores. A sweeter, more sustainable lifestyle together with Birkengold®!

Love for fellow human beings and social commitment

Birkengold® wants to improve the quality of life, for everyone. Committed to respectful, sustainable,
and mindful interactions with everyone connected to the Birkengold® range of products. The individual is at the heart of the Birkengold® mission, so the team ensures that everyone can enjoy a sweeter life, knowing they have positively affected the lives of people in its supply chain. That is why all chocolate products are FAIRTRADE certified. In addition, Birkengold® supports the following social projects locally: M.U.T., the Vegan Society and the Red Noses Clowndoctors. Together with Birkengold® you can focus on people and nature for a happier, more sustainable future for all.