The Idea

Our friend Tena brought a package of xylitol from her holidays in England in spring 2010. She discovered it in a health food store. We were immediately impressed by the taste of this sugar alternative. After careful research of all available studies, we were completely convinced of its health benefits. When we told other friends and acquaintances about the positive qualities of the product, we quickly realized that it was not only interesting for diabetics. Because of the huge interest for the product shown by everyone who tried it we decided to make xylitol accessible in Austria. The Birkengold idea was born.

Maria & Marek

We got to know each other during our studies (Nutrition Science resp. Business Informatics) and became very good friends. After gaining work experience both in the business and health world for five years, we took the initiative in autumn 2011 to take the step into self-employment…

Friends & Family

We have wonderful families and friends! When we started, we noticed that they are also the best business partners. In their free time, they baked cakes with us, developed our trademark, developed visions and much more…

Our Heroes

Agnes, Angelika, Barbara, Birgit, Chris, Christoph, Constantin, Dora, Ash, Gorbi, Heidi, Harald, Herbert, Ingrid, Jürgen, Kathi, Kathie, Kerstin, Koni, Lisa, Lisi, Marco, Marek sen., Martin, Norbert, Pablo, Paul, Sifu, Silvi, Tena, Tommy, Valentin, Walter, Yago…

Thank you, Birkengold would not exist without you today!

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